ALLIA Consulting is a boutique consulting practice focused on delivering impactful and sustainable consulting services to growing teams in financial services, consulting, and construction so that our clients can save money and time.

What we do

Operational Risk and Compliance

Solving complex operations and compliance requirements

Our clients can benefit from our experience of working with large financial services companies including banks, asset managers and broker-dealer  in operations, internal audit, risk and technology for more than 25 years. 

Process Improvement Services

Developing quality process improvement processes and coaching teams

We help internal teams to identify operational, financial, and compliance risks while collaborating to achieve realistic solutions.  

Construction Project Assessment

Saving money and avoiding costly mistakes in construction projects

We help construction project teams identify and address operational and financial risks before they become significant issues. 

An Investment in Allia is an Investment in Your Team
Request a free 25-minute consultation and discover what the Allia "Special Sauce" can do for you

Experienced Resources

We provide senior-level resources with depth of experience in your industry that can provide valuable insights as well as immediate relief in executing on the ground.

Disciplined Approach and Impactful Results

Our disciplined approach is based on internal audit and project management methodologies providing you transparency, on-time, on-budget, and on-scope deliverables throughout the process as well as relevant and impactful reporting for all stakeholders.

Quality Tools and Templates

Our tools and templates are based on Institute of Internal Audit, Project Management Institute and a wealth of experience working with numerous financial services and not-for-profit organizations.  

Our recipe for success

What Is the Allia 'Special Sauce'?

Allia provides internal audit and operational risk consulting services to growing businesses to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiencies. Our “special sauce”? We only use senior level resources to provide interim management as well as execution skills on day one.


Today’s budget-conscious companies must be able to do more with less. We are always innovating in our approach and in utilization of resources and technology to save you time and money without sacrificing the quality of results.


We strive to transform the way consulting and internal audit services are delivered to increase the value proposition for our clients. We coach and lead while enabling your team to deliver results in the long run.


While traditional consulting firms utilize a pyramid resource model, we have a flat structure where each consultant/coach provides specialized knowledge on a topic to your team.  


We manage projects like it’s our grandmother’s money, tracking it carefully and constantly. We make it a point to work within your budget. We take the no surprises approach!  You will always know where you are with the budget and where we expect to be.


Our audits don’t follow a check-the-box approach. Using a risk-based audit approach, we dig deep to identify issues that matter to you. Sometimes this means reiterating processes and controls to find issues that have impacted the business for years.


It’s truly important to us that we leave your organization in better shape than when we started. We will provide free templates and tools you can use after our work is done. On-site training as well as off-site guidance and support are available as needed.