risk management
Let me demonstrate how serious this is to me with a short story. In the summer of 2020, our family experienced two significant losses as a result of the pandemic that is the covid19 virus or the corona virus.  As a result of these losses, we realized that our financial advisors – tax, financial, legal...
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What do you envision the process will be in creating the risk assessment tool and who would typically be involved in its development? We will utilize our risk assessment models as a baseline to develop a specific risk assessment for your organization and goals. Before answering this question, let me try to say that the...
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Allia Consulting Financial Services Risk Compliance
Recently, we took a look at FINRA’s May 2020 disciplinary actions and found that there were 3 cases relating to violations of FINRA 5210. Of the 3 firms, fines were from $30,000 to $150,000. The rule provides: “No member shall publish or circulate, or cause to be published or circulated, any notice, circular, advertisement, newspaper article,...
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Operational Risk Assessment and Planning is among the most important activities for an organization to prioritize and develop a clear plan that enables growth.   Adopting the 80/20 rule makes sense for any company, but especially for a growing company, with limited time, capacity, and skills, or all-of-the-above. In this article, we will identify the components...
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Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk is the risk of not meeting business and regulatory demands effectively causing financial and/or reputational impact.  Years of experience in internal audit and controls experience taught us that one-size does not fit-all in addressing operational risk. As a consultant for 19+ years, I often provide a variety of operational risk and control services...
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