Construction Project Assessment

Why Allia for Construction?

We help construction project teams identify and address operational and financial risks before they become significant issues. Because construction projects are often multi-year and involve various parties, we help to incorporate proactive measures to ensure project success.

Because of our experience assessing and auditing large-scale projects, we are able to easily work and communicate with construction project managers to quickly identify potential issues and solutions in billings, expenses and reporting that can significantly impact the viability of projects.

We utilize a combination of a disciplined approach and a unique mix of skillsets in project management, business process improvement, risks and controls and systems to hone in on potential issues and errors in an efficient manner.

The results are consistently impactful savings and improvements in construction projects.

We are currently in the process of applying for Minority Women Business Entity certification with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Financial Operations & Reporting

Contracts & Amendments

Subcontract & Minority Women-Owned Businesses (MWBE) Compliance

Lien Waiver/Release

Closeout Processing 

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