Coach-Led Internal Audit Transition

Allia helps transitioning internal audit teams at financial services and not-for-profit organizations solve their immediate operations and compliance needs while planning a long-term, in-house solution.

We provide:

  • Immediate relief in tackling clients’ key issues on day 1, with senior-level resources that have done it before:
    • Our coaches not only have depth of experience but also are in the trenches, executing and ensuring quality of work provided.
    • Proven methodologies and best practices in planning, interviewing, data analysis, identification and synthesis of issues and solutions as well as report writing.
    • Access to training, tools and templates by your team. We provide the means for you and your team to implement change.
  • Maintenance of internal audit quality while reducing spend in the long run for our clients:
    • Provision of sustainable processes and tools.
    • Training of your permanent staff to ensure seamless transitions.
    • Ongoing support.


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